Opportunity Canvas

A streamlined approach to uncover hidden opportunities

You are probably sitting on some great business opportunities without even knowing it. Our Opportunity Canvas helps you uncover digital opportunities by looking at problems and challenges you’re facing, specific knowledge within your organization, and ideas and expertise that live in your company.

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What we do for you

Through a collaborative session we extract and distill digital opportunities from your business and make them actionable.



Discover and outline your organization’s unique challenges, harness internal expertise, and gather innovative ideas to set the stage for opportunities.


Opportunity Canvas

We design an extensive solution architecture, defining how your tech should work, how it connects with external sources, and how it integrates with your existing digital landscape.


Action List

We prioritize the highest potential opportunities and create detailed action plans to convert these into tangible, executable projects.

How it works

Discover and unlock the hidden potential within

Our Opportunity Canvas is built on the belief that every organization has untapped potential obscured by operational demands and existing systems. By applying a structured, analytical approach to the knowledge, ideas, and challenges within your company, we systematically uncover hidden opportunities that could redefine your business landscape.

Untapped potential within companies

It's a common scenario across industries: companies possess vast reserves of potential that they are not fully aware of. This potential could be locked in siloed departments, underutilized expertise, or overlooked market insights. Our service is designed to uncover these hidden gems by delving deep into your organizational knowledge and ongoing challenges. We explore every layer of your company, from ground-level operations to executive vision, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of where you are and where you want to go.

Creating momentum and direction

Our Opportunity Canvas is designed to generate both momentum and cohesion within your team. By actively involving team members in the development of each opportunity, you foster a culture for innovative thinking and an environment where ideas can thrive.

The final output, detailed action plans, serve as clear, motivating directives that guide your company on a path to explore new and impactful ideas. The clarity and direction provided by these plans ensure that every team member understands their role in driving the company forward, enhancing collective efforts towards achieving substantial growth and innovation.

What you get

Fuel for innovation, ready for action

Opportunity Canvas

Gain a clear overview of identified opportunities, carefully outlined to highlight potential avenues for innovation and growth for your business and industry.

Action Plans

For each promising opportunity, receive a detailed, actionable plan that guides the transformation of innovative ideas into tangible projects, ensuring practical execution steps.

Product and Tech Advice

A comprehensive review by Eli5’s experts in product, design, engineering, and strategy, providing you with valuable insights regarding your opportunities.

Detailed Report

A thorough report documenting the session, including the opportunity canvas, action plans, and expert advice, ideal for creating support and steering internal decision-making processes for your innovative projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does this differ from a typical brainstorming session?

Unlike typical brainstorming, the Opportunity Canvas uses a structured approach to systematically identify and evaluate opportunities. It focuses on actionable, feasible, and viable opportunities, not just idea generation.

Who should be involved in the Opportunity Canvas session?

The session should include key stakeholders from various departments—leadership, product management, marketing, and any other area relevant to the discussion. Diversity in perspectives enriches the output.

How do I prepare for a Opportunity Canvas session?

Prepare by putting your current strategy and vision on paper, your biggest challenges, and ideas you might have already.

How long does the Opportunity Canvas session last?

The session is designed to last about four hours. This timeframe allows for a thorough exploration of ideas while maintaining focus and energy. After the session we take things further at our office and turn the shortlisted opportunities into action plans.

What kind of opportunities does it uncover?

The Canvas is mostly focused on digital and tech but can reveal various opportunities, from new market entries and product innovations to process improvements and digital transformations tailored to your business needs.

What happens after an Opportunity Canvas session?

Following the session, our team develops detailed action plans based on the identified opportunities. We then present these plans, ensuring they are aligned with your strategic goals.

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