Effortlessly turn user-generated content into beautiful books - A plug-and-play solution that will add revenue to platforms while delighting their users

iOS, Android, web, MacOS, Windows
Prototype, MVP, V1.0, Post-launch dev

Set it up once, print and repeat.

OneClickLayout makes it easy for platforms and apps to turn user-generated content into beautiful, high-quality printed items, from photo books to recipes. Our plug-and-play solution makes adding an instant revenue stream to your platform a breeze. Our integration allows users to effortlessly export their content into lasting keepsakes with various branding, layout, and design options. Say goodbye to manual print preparation and hello to professional and effortless results. OneClickLayout is the perfect solution for any platform or app looking to add value and delight its users.

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Striking the perfect balance between customisation and scalability has been the main focus for our team.

A data-driven thinking approach to customising

We approached the challenge of building OneClickLayout with a data-driven mindset, treating the book creation process like urban planning, and slicing each page to allow maximum space and flexibility. Through close collaboration and open communication with our client, we were able to design a system that not only met their specific needs but also allowed for customisation. Our approach of engaging with the client early in the development process resulted in a better outcome for all parties involved. We are proud to have delivered a solution that meets and exceeds our client's expectations. And it's growing, we have opened up new apps and platforms to onboard and start using the tool. OneClickLayout is now available for any platform or app looking to add value and delight its users.

With the preset templates, businesses can create customized photobooks in just one click.

Businesses can add team members to a project to work on a photobook together.

By automating the tedious layout creation process, OneClickLayout empowers platforms and apps to generate lasting memories for their users efficiently. From cherished family photos to a printed collection of bookmarked tweets, OneClickLayout makes it all possible.

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Technology specifications

API integration

The API we built in Node.js enables businesses to integrate their tech stack, and generate photobooks based on their custom template automatically.

Seamless implementation

We heavily utilised the CSS grid property to create pixel-perfect layout, Microsoft TypeScript to catch bugs before they appear, and Google Puppeteer for browser automation and extensive code testing.

Company dashboard

Once logged in to the dashboard built in React, businesses can manage their templates and layouts, see orders, and update their company information.

Hybrid templating engine

The platform uses a tailor-made templating engine that enables us to create a book that precisely fits the branding and design guidelines for each customer by combining standardised building blocks and custom layouts


Jelle Bot

Head of Design

“Designing a layout that can be created with just one click was our challenge at Eli5. Our design team rose to the challenge and delivered an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface for the product. With the ability to fully customize the look and feel of their books upfront, platforms and apps using OneClickLayout can empower their users to effortlessly turn their content into beautiful, print-ready designs with just the click of a button.”

Kishan Chamman


"Utilising the latest web technologies such as Node.js, Typescript, and React, we built a solution that not only looks great but is also built with maintainability in mind. We employed Apidoc, a library that automates documentation generation, to ensure that our solution is as easy to use and maintain as it is powerful.”

We speak highly of ourselves, but so do our clients

“Eli5 has built a great software application for A-Insights and their backend team has helped automating processes that streamlined our internal operations. Their user-centered approach has created a visually stunning and intuitive product for our customers.”

Bart Zirschky
Founder A-Insights

“Eli5’s rapid prototyping and user validation approach allowed us to bring our innovative healthcare solution, Pacmed, to life in record time. Their ability to turn our vision into a fully functional product in just a matter of weeks was nothing short of impressive.”

Hidde Hovenkamp
Founder Pacmed

“Eli5’s design thinking approach helped us uncover the core of our business and turn it into a visually stunning, highly functional digital product that exceeded our expectations.”

Eric Kickert
CEO Peecho

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