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Revolutionising patient care in the ICU with data-driven decision making.

We understand the importance of providing personalised care for patients in the healthcare system. We’re proud to have worked on Pacmed, a solution that helps healthcare providers make data-driven decisions. By combining medical expertise with machine learning and analysing vast amounts of data, Pacmed can predict the optimal moment for patients to be discharged from the ICU. One of the main challenges in determining discharge time is the sheer amount of data that needs to be analysed - a single patient in the ICU generates around 30,000 data points per day. To address this, we built an algorithm that predicts the probability of a patient being readmitted or dying within seven days of discharge, with accuracy in line with scientific research. This information is presented in a clear and intuitive dashboard so that doctors can make better-informed decisions.

Reducing readmissions by up to 15% and shortening stays on ICUs by 1-5% with data-driven predictions.


Built on top of Eli5’s robust building blocks infrastructure

Using our building block approach, we rapidly integrated Pacmed’s algorithm into a custom-built dashboard, providing physicians with the necessary information to prevent unnecessary readmissions and extended stays in the ICU. This approach allows for flexibility and scalability, ensuring that the solution we build can be tailored to the specific needs of any healthcare application.


Thanks to Pacmed, healthcare providers can make more informed decisions and improve patient outcomes. It’s no surprise Pacmed won the Computable Award for the best healthcare project. We’re proud to be a part of this innovative solution.

Technology specifications

Frontend with an existing backend

We used Vue.js and Typescript to build the frontend on top of the existing Pacmed APIs. In collaboration with Pacmed's engineering team, and by leveraging our building blocks, we were able to quickly provide a working solution

Fully automated testing

Using Puppeteer and a mocked API we enabled our CI/CD pipelines to fully test each functionality before each merge or deployment to enable us to deploy with full confidence


"Creating a medical application used by Intensive Care unit professionals comes with strict regulations and requirements. We made sure to stay ahead of the game by automating our test suites and integrations, enabling feature development, smooth deployment, and providing robust security. "

Kishan Chamman

"Our team of designers at Eli5 worked tirelessly to bring the Pacmed product to life. With a focus on user-centered design and rapid prototyping, we were able to create a comprehensive and intuitive user interface for healthcare professionals in record time. From concept to final design, our team delivered a polished, medical-grade solution that exceeded expectations and improved the care of patients. "

Jelle Bot
Head of Product