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It has always been about creating something useful that people actually care about.

We love to invent solutions and solve complex problems through the power of digital. Since 2012 we’ve designed, developed, launched, and scaled software products for companies ranging from promising tech startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Why Eli5?

Solving problems people actually care about

Our company is dedicated to solving problems through software products. A team of technical heavyweights and designers with an excellent eye for detail are turning complex issues and systems into intuitive user interfaces.

Each product we build has direct business value

Our products have solved hair-on-fire problems. One of the products we built bought our customers hundreds of millions annually while improving their users' lives.

Pre-built and battle-tested foundation for end-user solutions

Eli5’s Building Blocks form the foundation for the solutions we build. Because of our extensive library of modules, we build products incredibly fast while still offering our customers fully tailored solutions.

A complete studio for your next software product project


Product Design

Eli5's design team works closely with you to create a user-centered design that is tailored to the specific needs of the product and its users.


Backend Development

Backend Development focuses on the server-side of our software products, including creating and maintaining the functionality and logic of your application.


Frontend Development

Our Frontend Development team focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for all of our software products, from web- to mobile applications.


Integration and Connectivity

Integration and connectivity services focus on connecting different systems and technologies to ensure seamless communication and data flow between your entire software ecosystem and potential external sources.


DevOps Engineering

Our DevOps Engineering team combines the practice of software development and operations to continuously improve the speed and reliability of the delivery of our software products.


Test-driven Engineering

Eli5's Test Driven Engineering approach ensures that all of our software products are thoroughly tested and built with confidence, resulting in high-quality, reliable software products.

How our problem solving ethos is turning challenges into opportunities.

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Our leadership team

Our leadership team

Wes Botman


Kishan Chamman


Marc Meyer


Viktoras Dimtsas

Head of Backend Engineering

Andre de Waard

Head of User Interface Engineering

Jelle Bot

Head of Product Design

Eli5 in a nutshell

A big passion for design, technology, and business. Throw in a pinch of minimalism, straightforward talk, and a casual vibe.

Kishan (CTO), Marc (CCO), and Wes (CEO)

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