Helping companies thrive by building software that solves real problems.

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Anything that has a user interface and solves a problem, we can build it.

Things we do
Backend development
Frontend development
API development
Mobile app development
UX design
UI design
Solution architecture
Test engineering
Things we build
Collaborative working tools
Data platforms
RegTech solutions
API hubs
SaaS products
E-learning solutions
Data visualisation tools
NLP solutions
Applied machine learning

In-depth knowledge and experience across a wide breadth of technologies and platforms.

With extensive experience in developing projects of varying complexity, we apply our skills to implement a robust solution for your new tool or product.

We speak highly of ourselves, but so do our clients

“Eli5 has built a great software application for A-Insights and their backend team has helped automating processes that streamlined our internal operations. Their user-centered approach has created a visually stunning and intuitive product for our customers.”

Bart Zirschky
Founder A-Insights

“Eli5’s rapid prototyping and user validation approach allowed us to bring our innovative healthcare solution, Pacmed, to life in record time. Their ability to turn our vision into a fully functional product in just a matter of weeks was nothing short of impressive.”

Hidde Hovenkamp
Founder Pacmed

“Eli5’s design thinking approach helped us uncover the core of our business and turn it into a visually stunning, highly functional digital product that exceeded our expectations.”

Eric Kickert
CEO Peecho

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