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The logistics and supply chain industry is facing a multitude of challenges that are impacting efficiency, cost, and customer satisfaction. Eli5 offers innovative software solutions that can help tackle these challenges and bring about a new era of optimised logistics and supply chain management.

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Crop yield optimisation

Software and IoT technology significantly benefits the crop yield


yield increases through smart farming

Supply chain inefficiencies

Agriculture supply chains can be complex and fragmented, with many players involved in the process from farm to consumer


People will be relying on efficient and robust supply chains by 2030

Farming operation costs

Labor shortages, rising costs in raw materials, and supply chain disruptions costs agricultural companies vast amounts of money


increase in farming operation costs over the last decade

Tackling the sector’s major challenges

The challenge is in managing the complete supply chain that stretches from farm to fork. The problem lies in making the supply chain more efficient, sustainable and transparent. At the same time, ensuring the quality, safety, and integrity of the supply chain while increasing transparency.

With new technologies and software solutions, it is possible to make the agricultural supply chain more efficient, transparent, and sustainable. One of the solutions is to use blockchain technology for traceability, tracking, and verifying the authenticity of the products. Another solution is to use IoT (Internet of Things) devices for real-time monitoring of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that may affect the quality of produce. Big data analytics and machine learning can also be used for demand forecasting and supply chain optimisation.

Eli5 can help companies in the agriculture industry by providing software solutions that enable transparency, efficiency, and traceability in the supply chain. We develop custom software that allows our customers to track and trace the produce from farm to fork. The software can also provide real-time data on environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and soil moisture to help optimise the supply chain. With predictive analytics and machine learning, Eli5 can help customers forecast demand and optimize the supply chain accordingly.

How we help our customers improve their supply chain management and traceability

Inventory management software to track the location and status of goods in the supply chain

Supply chain analytics tools to provide real-time insights and improve decision-making

Blockchain-based solutions for greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain

Transportation management software to optimise shipping and delivery schedules

Precision agriculture and predictive analytics have revolutionised the way agriculture is practiced. By leveraging sophisticated data analytics and cutting-edge technologies, farmers can now optimise their crop yields and improve operational efficiency.

One of the biggest challenges in precision agriculture is the sheer volume of data that must be collected and analysed to make informed decisions. With the help of predictive analytics farmers can gain valuable insights into key factors such as weather patterns, soil health, and crop growth, which can help them make more informed decisions about planting, fertilising, and harvesting.

By combining this data with real-time monitoring and remote sensing technologies, farmers can gain even greater visibility into their operations and take action to optimise their production processes. This includes everything from monitoring soil moisture levels to tracking the health of individual plants or animals, and can ultimately lead to significant improvements in crop yields and profitability.

How we help our customers build precision agriculture and predictive analytics

Crop management software to help  monitor the health and growth of  crops in real-time, enabling adjustments as needed to optimise yield and minimise waste

Livestock management software to track the health and productivity of  livestock, allowing farmers to make  informed decisions about breeding, feeding, and other practices

Predictive analytics software that uses historical data and other factors to make accurate predictions about crop yields, weather patterns, and other key variables that impact agricultural operations

Sensor technology to collect real-time data on soil moisture levels, temperature, and other critical variables that impact crop health and yield

Crop and livestock management is a critical challenge for the industry, as it directly impacts the quality and quantity of the end products. Let us help you identify opportunities to optimise and streamline processes through the use of software.

Eli5's software solutions can help farmers and ranchers monitor the health and growth of their crops and livestock, providing real-time insights and allowing for early detection of issues. They can also help with record keeping, such as tracking vaccinations, medication, and other treatments. This not only ensures regulatory compliance but also allows for better decision-making and risk management.

In addition, software can assist with resource management, including water, fertiliser, and feed. By analysing data on weather patterns, soil moisture levels, and other factors, farmers can optimise the use of resources and reduce waste. This not only saves money but also has a positive impact on the environment.

How we help our customers increase efficiency in inventory management

Livestock management software to manage herds by tracking animal health, breeding cycles, and other important data

Crop management software to monitor crop growth and health, predict yields, and identify potential problems such as disease or pest infestations

Precision irrigation systems that use sensors and software to monitor soil moisture levels and automatically adjust irrigation to provide the right amount of water at the right time

Data analytics software to analyse vast amounts of data from a variety of sources, such as weather patterns, soil quality, and crop yield data, to gain insights into trends and optimise farming practices

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