The ultimate social reading app for the internet - a seamless, censorship-free reading experience.

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Papyr is the ultimate reading experience for the internet age.

With Papyr, you no longer have to switch between apps, email accounts, and online publications to keep up with the latest content. Our app gets you personalised recommendations based on your reading habits. Papyr aggregates blogs and articles from all over the web, allowing you to read in a reader-friendly format, saving your reading progress, and making highlighting text and adding personal notes on important parts easy. Papyr’s social platform lets you quickly find new reads from your friends, share your reads, and share reading lists. The app is customisable to your liking, making it a perfect fit for any reader. It even has a browser plugin and allows you to drop the link in the app, making it easy to save content from all over the web. Papyr is the ultimate reading experience, syncing across all your devices. You never have to search for where you stopped reading last time.

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Discover the ultimate reading experience with Papyr, the social reading app aggregating content over the web.

Built on top of Eli5’s powerful building blocks

We understand the importance of time to market, which is why we use our building blocks approach to develop products like Papyr at a rapid pace. By leveraging our existing library of dynamic backend modules, we were able to quickly test new functionalities and create a foundation for future developments. Each of these modules is configurable and can be adjusted to the specific use case of a product, allowing us to rapidly bring Papyr to life and deliver a seamless reading experience to users.

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Instead of endlessly browsing Twitter for new reads, you can easily find your next read on Papyr. Follow what your friends are reading, browse new topics, and see what’s popular on the platform.

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Keep track of what’s important to you: highlight parts you wish to save for later and note down your ideas. Find it all in one simple overview.

Unleash the power of personalised reading with Papyr. This social reading app aggregates content from over the web, built on top of Eli5’s building blocks for fast and efficient development. Say goodbye to cluttered social platforms and hello to a seamless reading experience with Papyr.

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Jorrit Keijzer


"At Eli5, we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the way people discover and consume content. With Papyr, we’ve created a solution that cuts through the social media clutter and brings users the best of the web in a clean, easy-to-use interface. By working closely with our team of designers and developers, we were able to turn a problem into a product in just a few months. And now, as an independent company, Papyr is helping users discover and engage with the content they care about."

Jelle Bot

Head of Design

"At Eli5, we believe a reading experience should be as immersive and enjoyable as possible. That’s why we put in extra effort to design Papyr with a focus on creating an experience that mimics reading an actual book, complete with added features to enhance the experience even further. No distractions, just an enjoyable and seamless reading experience."

We speak highly of ourselves, but so do our clients

“Eli5 has built a great software application for A-Insights and their backend team has helped automating processes that streamlined our internal operations. Their user-centered approach has created a visually stunning and intuitive product for our customers.”

Bart Zirschky
Founder A-Insights

“Eli5’s rapid prototyping and user validation approach allowed us to bring our innovative healthcare solution, Pacmed, to life in record time. Their ability to turn our vision into a fully functional product in just a matter of weeks was nothing short of impressive.”

Hidde Hovenkamp
Founder Pacmed

“Eli5’s design thinking approach helped us uncover the core of our business and turn it into a visually stunning, highly functional digital product that exceeded our expectations.”

Eric Kickert
CEO Peecho

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