Papyr is the ultimate reading experience for the internet age.

With Papyr, you no longer have to switch between apps, email accounts, and online publications to keep up with the latest content. Our app gets you personalised recommendations based on your reading habits. Papyr aggregates blogs and articles from all over the web, allowing you to read in a reader-friendly format, saving your reading progress, and making highlighting text and adding personal notes on important parts easy. Papyr’s social platform lets you quickly find new reads from your friends, share your reads, and share reading lists. The app is customisable to your liking, making it a perfect fit for any reader. It even has a browser plugin and allows you to drop the link in the app, making it easy to save content from all over the web. Papyr is the ultimate reading experience, syncing across all your devices. You never have to search for where you stopped reading last time.

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Technology specifications

Hybrid templating engine

The platform uses a tailor-made templating engine that enables us to create a book that precisely fits the branding and design guidelines for each customer by combining standardised building blocks and custom layouts