Scale your product beyond your company’s borders.

Once the problem within your business is solved, we spin out the product from your organization and build out a SaaS business in order to sell the high impact solution to the market.

What we do

Turn your product into a SaaS business capitalize on its growth.

Turn your product into SaaS

We take your internal solution, make it versatile, ready for the big league. It's not just for you anymore; it's for everyone who needs it.

Build the team

We mix your best people with our brightest, creating a startup dream team. They're the ones who'll take this SaaS from idea to reality.

Guide towards growth

We're the startup's guide, focusing on growth, not just funding. Whether it's bootstrapped or investor-backed, we're there, advising every step of the way to scale up smartly.

Turn your software solution into an independent success story.
About Eli5
Turning your software solution into an independent success story. We take the software we made for you, spin it off into its own venture ready to grow. We handle everything from picking the right team to lining up the funding, making sure good ideas have the room they need to become big.
Our approach

Your product as the foundation for a SaaS business

Go-To-Market Strategy

We help you build a GTM strategy focusing on targeting the right customers, defining the value proposition, choosing distribution channels, setting pricing, and planning marketing, sales, and post-sale support activities.

Spinout Facilitation

We guide you in creating a standalone company from your problem-solving product,  from strategic planning to securing initial funding.

Funding Support

We guide you through the process of identifying potential funding sources, preparing pitch decks, and advising on strategic partnerships or equity arrangements to ensure the successful realization of your SaaS.

Product Team Setup

We assemble and organize a specialized team tailored to the specific needs of evolving, growing and managing your SaaS.

Growth and Product Guidance

We identify growth opportunities, optimize product-market fit, refine user experience, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance user acquisition, retention, and revenue generation.

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Hidde Hovenkamp
Founder Pacmed

“Eli5’s rapid prototyping and user validation approach allowed us to bring our innovative healthcare solution, Pacmed, to life in record time. Their ability to turn our vision into a fully functional product in just a matter of weeks was nothing short of impressive.”

Bart Zirschky
Founder A-Insights

“Eli5 has built a great software application for A-Insights and their backend team has helped automating processes that streamlined our internal operations. Their user-centered approach has created a visually stunning and intuitive product for our customers.”

Eric Kickert
CEO Peecho

“Eli5’s design thinking approach helped us uncover the core of our business and turn it into a visually stunning, highly functional digital product that exceeded our expectations.”