May 19, 2021

We’ve got a spin-out! Juno, one of Eli5 Ventures’ projects, is going solo.

Juno started off as a conversation. Jorrit and Wes were looking for high quality long read articles online, and noticed that they found most of those on twitter. However twitter was cluttered and you have to put in some effort to find interesting reads, while fighting the urge to keep on scrolling through your feed. After some interesting conversation with coworkers and some people within our network, we got the idea to make a product that solely focuses on bringing users interesting reads.

So this is what we set out to do: create a product that delivers users interesting reads. We started off with interviews to find out if the people were experiencing the same pains as us, and after finding out this was indeed the case we designed multiple prototypes to start testing some designs on people. Soon after we had a green light on things and we created an elegant, low-code landing page to test our assumptions and we had lots of positive feedback.

Quickly after the MVP was up and running and with a launch on Producthunt the product got a good amount of attention. Within a few weeks we got to 600 users, and got chunk of these users were very positive about what we built.

However, we did find out that it was not good enough. So we quickly set up interviews with the existing user to find out what needed to be improved on the product for them to truly love it. We gathered the information, rapidly created new prototypes for potentially better products and set out to test these on our users. As of this writing we are close to launching a big update that should deliver a significantly improved product.

With the big support from our relatively small user base, and trusting our gut feeling, we decided to spin out Juno from Eli5 so it can continue as an independent company with Jorrit Keijzer leading the business. We're very excited to see what the future will bring for Juno and have all faith that Jorrit will deliver an incredible online social reading platform.

Wes Botman
CEO and founder
I'm a curious mind who's passionate about building software products with clients and with our internal entrepreneurs for Eli5’s own ventures. Always keen to learn new things and still figuring things out along the way. Sharing my thoughts and learnings with the world through writing.