May 18, 2021

The Operating System for Product Studios

We documented all of our processes, workflows, and methodologies and bundled this in a nice package. Everything we know on building breakthrough software products. From ideation, design, development, to growth.

Every day at Eli5 we get questions about how software works. For some, software is a black box. We know what we need to put in, and we can see the output, but the bit in between that does all the work is a mystery. A lot of people also have a great idea for a software product but lack the skills and experience to bring it to life. For others, they need to understand the basics of the process so they can run and manage a software project for their company.

We realised there was a huge gap in the market for a software company to be transparent about their processes. No-one has ever collected all of this information in one place and what was out there existed in fragments in cluttered internet search engines. 

As a Product Studio, we’ve not only built completely custom products for our clients for years, we’ve also created our own software too. This unique setup means we have experience ranging from being a single-person startup, all the way up to working as a team within an established enterprise across many different markets.

We’ve designed the Product Studio Operating System for all of these scenarios. To lay bare the processes, workflows, and methodologies that we have used every day for years to:

  • generate and validate ideas,
  • take designs from sketch to prototype,
  • develop first-version products,
  • make rapid weekly improvements,
  • to launching, testing, and growing products in today's market.

This is everything we know about building breakthrough software products. We will guide you through well-known concepts such as agile development, provide templates for things like product maps and business models, and show you the simple tricks we have developed to help run better sprints, user tests and post-launch marketing activities.

Lauren Macpherson
I'm an avid sharer of the latest news, tools, and tricks relating to all aspects of product development. My main aim is to stay true to our Explain-Like-I'm-5 roots: keeping things simple and easy to understand. My other is to find any excuse to talk about gaming.