Juno, the social reading app

Juno aggregates blogs and articles from all over the internet and lets you read these in a reader-friendly format. It shows you what your friends are reading and recommends your next read. It’s like Medium - but without centralised content and censorship.


Design, Engineering, Product Strategy


iOS, Android, web, MacOS, Windows


Prototype, MVP, V1.0

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A great reading experience synced across all your devices.

There is no standard for reading articles and blogs on the internet. Of course, there are the likes of Medium. But platforms like these censor content and as a user you need to handover you content to them to host it. We created Juno, which aggregates content from all over the web. Users can read every piece of content in a friendly format, reading progress is saved and synced across all devices, and there is a social layer that enables users to follow their friends and see what they are reading.


Content is king - and there is more reading being shared than ever. What users are missing is one centralised place to engage with it all, rather than needing to switch between apps, email accounts and publications.


Our users needed several things. First, one place that could store and display articles from any vendor (e.g. The New York Times, Medium, or a personal blog). Second, that this was cross-platform, so you could read on your desktop and continue on your phone later. Third, that you could track your reading progress and make comments to highlight important parts. And lastly, that friends and colleagues could share articles with you and the app could make recommendations based on your reading habits.

We've created an MVP for iOS and Android with React Native. The web version is based on React and will be used as the base for the MacOS and Windows desktop app, which we built with Electron. The sharing and display functionality is enabled by a secure API layer. And the recommender system is driven by a machine learning algorithm.


Users are relying less on single sources of information (like news outlets) and prefer to share and comment on information from various vendors with friends. In the workplace, this is also how information is shared. However, until now this has relied on sharing URL's. And recommended reading is restricted to vendors such as Medium, so you have to browse extensively.


Find new reads from your friends and get personalised recommendations. Follow people you find interesting and see what they are reading. And easily share your own reads and make bundled read-lists. Read all blogs and articles in a reader-friendly format, customisable to your own liking. Easily save content from all over the web using the browser plugin or by just dropping the link in the app. Pick up where you left off, as Juno syncs across your devices, making sure you never have to search for the point where you stopped reading last time.

Juno's technology specifications

We’ve designed and developed Juno entirely from scratch. To maintain a low entry barrier for new developers we decided to write both user-interface and server side application in Javascript frameworks.

Frameworks we’ve used

- React Native for iOS and Android apps
- Vue.js for webapp
- Electron for desktop application
- Node.js for backend

Top features

Reading suggestions
Social features
E-reader view
Reading lists
Jorrit Keijzer, Founder of Juno

“This was one high-paced project for sure. After we released the announcement and design on multiple platforms, we received 600 sign ups. So we decided to build it. Three months later, we’re live!”

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