Stay humble. Build products.

We deliver simplistic, elegant, and intuitive software products. Our work is very diverse - from B2B to B2C apps, and from Banking Software to Social Platforms. What unites all of them is the approach we apply as a Software Product Studio; turning complex problems into rock solid solutions.

— RegTech

Helping banks around the world master regulatory pressure

We designed and developed a RegTech solution that empowers banks and other financial companies through Machine Learning and AI. Helping them comply faster to regulatory pressure.

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— Juno

The social e-reading experience for the web

Juno is an Eli5 spin out product, designed to be the social e-reader of the internet. Juno aggregates blogs, articles, and stories from all over the web and delivers these to readers in a friendly format.

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— Sally

The customer friendliest way to close deals

Sally is a software-as-a-service product that helps companies create better proposals through version control and smart commenting features for their clients.

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— OneClickLayout

Creating high quality photobook designs for online photography platforms

OneClickLayout is a B2B2C solution that enables apps and platforms to turn their users' photography into slick and high quality photo books.

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— Pacmed

An AI-powered dashboard for intensive care

Pacmed connects data from complex diagnostic machinery to help health experts predicting the chance of readmissions for patients.

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— Annual Insight

Annual Insight: the reliable Data-Scientist

For Annual Insight we've designed and developed several tools that make it easy for their clients to perform an analysis of competitors, markets, or risks.

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