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We discovered that proposal trajectories were often an iterative process. While existing tools were only focused on creating slick looking proposals, they did not do the trick for making better proposals or making the process nicer for contractors and clients. Agencies and freelancers needed something more than just looks, and so Sally was born. The first end-to-end proposal application with version control.


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Prototype, MVP, V1.0 + continuously deploying updates

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One central environment for contractor and client to view, discuss, and close deals.

The Sally project made us Eli5ers solve one of our own problems: streamlining the process of creating solid proposals for our clients to view on any device. PDFs don't do the trick, online tools focus too much on looks, and client feedback was scattered all over email, WhatsApp, Slack, and so on. We did not expect online proposals to be such a rabbit hole.


Sally helps to create, send, and manage online business proposals. Users can save time with a fully online proposal building interface, avoiding the hassle that comes with Word, Google Docs or Powerpoint attachments. Once a proposal is complete, it can be sent, opened, discussed, and monitored via the software - meaning improved communication and feedback between users and their clients. Security and auditing are covered by Blockchain technology.


An entirely proprietary product, made from scratch, using the latest technologies in frontend, backend, and payment processing. Features include a media section to upload images and embed media from sites like YouTube or application prototypes from Envision. A reusable content element, so users can insert their best or most used work via a simple drop-down menu. A custom-built comment feature, so feedback from clients is displayed directly next to each section, easing the pain of searching through long email chains. A version control component ensures you never lose a draft. As well as digital signing and a connection with the Ethereum blockchain for smart contracts.


This was an Eli5 venture we developed to increase efficiency in our own office. The idea was taken through a validation and prototyping process before being built entirely from scratch with custom code. After this not only could we scale the product into a SaaS product to be used in the public market, but Sally was also adapted for use within larger, enterprise businesses.


On average, a user spends 28% less time creating proposals and 42% less time on feedback and comments. 60% say they have seen an increase in the amount of work they have been winning based on being able to increase the volume of proposals and redrafts, the impact of the media section, and the ease in which clients can access, view, share, and comment on a proposal.

Sally's technology specifications

We’ve designed and developed Sally entirely from scratch. With focus on accessibility we choose Vue.js as the framework for all frontend technology and Laravel for its backend system.

Frameworks we’ve used

- Vue.js for webapp
- Laravel for backend
- Ethereum for smart contracts

Top features

Version control
Reusable content
Media embedding
Client view
Rich Text Editor
Coen, user of Sally

“Before Sally, sending a proposal meant a mess of drafts, attachments, and client feedback in long email chains. Now, everything is in one place, and I can create proposals in no time and interact better with my clients.”

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