Mastering the regulatory tsunami

We designed and developed this RegTech solution for banks and other financial companies to comply faster to regulatory pressure. It helps compliance departments to streamline their workflow, provides powerful collaboration features, and speeds up the end-to-end compliance process with AI and Natural Language Processing.


Design, Engineering, Product Strategy




Prototype, MVP, V1.0 + continuously deploying updates

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Adjustable to suit every organisation with just about any workflow

Every bank or financial organisation has its own workflow, processes, and logic. We’ve created a dynamic application that is able to be set up for any type of workflow. It’s available under white label and completely customisable with the logo and brand colors of the company.


The objective was to radically improve the processing of regulations. So we set about creating the first end-to-end compliance solution in the world.


Building a validated MVP in 10 weeks to start a pilot phase within the client’s organisation. Real-time collaboration, an overview of all the steps needed to go from regulation to policy, and a custom-made document library to keep track of work, changes and outcomes.


Large organisations often find difficulties with pinpointing why their policies cover certain parts of regulations. A big part of the problem is cumbersome, manual processes that need to be modernised.


The solution cut down the time span of compliance trajectories from 2 years to only 6 months. Audit trails are transparent. The solution shows how policies are created, what parts of regulations are being covered, and how the organisation went from input to output.

Technology specifications

We’ve designed and developed this application entirely from scratch and created it to be dynamic - enabling the product to be integrated within any corporate IT landscape or workflow. The client side of the product is fully web based.

Frameworks we’ve used

- Vue.js for the web application interface
- Laravel and Python for backend applications
- Elasticsearch for search technology
- BERT for Natural Language Processing

Top features

Requirement Selector
Collaborative working
Policy/Document builder
Horizon scanning
Project creator
Workflow creator
Jelle Bot, Head of Product Design @ Eli5

“Complying to regulatory pressure has been an analogue, unclear, and cumbersome process until now. The design of this solution is all created around the user and getting them as fast and smooth as possible from regulation to policy.”

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