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For Annual Insight we've designed and developed several tools that make it easy for their clients to perform an analysis of competitors, markets, or risks.


Design, Engineering, Product Strategy


iOS, Android, web, MacOS, Windows


Prototype, MVP, V1.0, Post-launch dev

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Our objective was to deliver insights into real-time company financial data for customers, their market, and competitors. To achieve this we created a portal that enables CFOs and Municipalities to view the latest metrics.


In collaboration with the client we exposed the datasets and insights to the portal. Daily notifications, weekly overviews and dynamic reporting activates users to keep updated within their market segment.


Getting insights from the bulk of financial data is often difficult, it is overwhelming to get a clear overview of the financial position and reasoning behind changes.


The portal enables CFOs and Municipalities to instantly get a clear overview of their portfolio, relevant news for their market segment and deep insights into their market data. Together with the notifications this is powerful tool to keep decision makers informed of the latest changes in their market.

Annual Insight's technology specifications

Annual Insight's dashboard is comprised out of several back-end and front-end components that tightly work together. To allow our development teams to collaborate as a single unit, we've built the platform using Typescript, Vue.js, Python, Express.js and Laravel. The communication with the data layer and data lake is built using Azure API Management and Azure Logic Apps.

Kishan Chamman

CTO at Eli5

Engineering commentary

Working on this project required both our companies to move like a single unit, to allow close-knit collaboration on exposing data and transforming data. We've successfully been able to do this, which allows us to provide C-level executives with near real-time financial insights and updates online, about themselves and their competitors. The online experience provides a seamless way to benchmark your company against the market, and provides you with insights to monitor this market, all with up-to-date data and personalized visuals.

Jelle Bot

Head of Design

Design Commentary

In order to quickly obtain actual view on market and company developments, we needed to make complex statistics, easy to read. We've tailored a user friendly dashboard optimised to show charts, statistics and news, all in one place."

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