Discover the path to your next product breakthrough

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Uncover untapped potential and transform it into actionable product plans

Our Pathfinder service marks the beginning of your product innovation journey. It's where we dive into the DNA of your company, your vision, your challenges, and pair it with our product discovery methodologies. Our goal? To unlock product opportunities that align seamlessly with your strategic objectives, ensuring a powerful resonance with your brand and its future.

The Pathfinder process explained and how businesses benefit from it

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Through Pathfinder, we're not just identifying opportunities, we're building a clear and strategic roadmap, turning intangible ideas into an actionable portfolio of potential products primed for real-world application. Ready to discover your next big idea?

What's Pathfinder All About?

What's Testflight All About?

What's Build + Evolve All About?

Turn challenges and disruptions into opportunities
Discover the full potential of emerging technologies
Grow revenue by adding new products or features

How we do it

With Eli5’s Pathfinder approach we identify business challenges, analyse industry characteristics, and explore innovations and emerging tech to deliver you actionable product opportunities.

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