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API development

The first step in connecting your software to external systems is to develop an API (Application Programming Interface). An API allows different software systems to communicate with each other and share data. Our team of developers will work with you to design and develop an API that meets your specific needs. All done with scalability and security in mind.

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API development

Integration Hub

Depending on the scale of your product’s desired connectivity, we can set up an integration hub to manage the data flow between your software and external systems. The integration hub will act as the central control point for all the data flowing in and out of your software, ensuring the data is accurate, consistent, and secure.

API development
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API Center

To manage and monitor your product’s APIs and potentially an integration hub, we’ll set up a complete API center for your product. This will be a centralised environment where you can view usage statistics, view documentation for internal and external developers, troubleshoot issues, and manage access to the available APIs.

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Backend Development

Anything that has a user interface and solves a problem, we can build it.

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In-depth knowledge and experience across a wide breadth of technologies and platforms.

With extensive experience in developing projects of varying complexity, we apply our skills to implement a robust solution for your new tool or product.

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Frequently asked questions

What kind of projects does Eli5 take in when it comes down to connecting existing software to external systems?

Almost any software product that requires integration with external systems to enhance functionality or streamline processes. We have to analyse the existing software product and the desired situation around its connectivity to make sure we can help.

What is Eli5's process to connect software to external systems?

The process of connecting your existing software to external systems typically begins with a consultation with your team to understand the needs and goals of the project. Then, we assess your current systems and determine the best approach for the desired integration. We will create a plan for the project, including the timeline and budget, and work with you to ensure the solution is meeting your needs. Finally, our team will execute the plan and provides support along the way to ensure a successful outcome.

How does Eli5 ensure the compatibility and integration of the connected software with external systems?

We employ a systematic and comprehensive approach to ensure compatibility and integration of the connected software with external systems. We assess the technical requirements of both the existing software and the external systems, and ensure that the data exchange and communication protocols are in line with industry standards. Our team also employs robust testing and quality assurance methods to guarantee the seamless integration and operation of the connected software with the external systems.

What is the average timeline for a connectivity project?

The average timeline for a connectivity project heavily depends on the complexity of the integration, the size of the project, and the availability of resources. Integration trajectories can be as fast as one week for simple API work to months for larger integration projects. We always work closely together with our clients to understand the needs and determine the most efficient timeline for their project.

Can you provide examples of successful projects done by Eli5?

Yes, we have plenty of examples of successful connectivity projects. Ranging from single APIs to large multiyear integration trajectories for multinationals. Each project demonstrates seamlessly integrated software with external systems, ensuring the connected software functions optimally and that data is shared between systems without any disruptions. Contact us if you want to dive deeper into earlier projects of us.

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