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At Eli5 we design, develop, ship, and grow software products.

Our services

At Eli5 we specialise in building simple end-user applications that enable users to interact with complex systems. The software we build increases the efficiency of companies, enabling users to do something which was impossible before, and always aimed to turn a smile on people’s faces.

We build applications for web, mobile, and desktop. Including:

  • Productivity apps;
  • SaaS;
  • Supply and demand platforms; or
  • On-demand service apps.

Validation Sprint

Starts from €10k - 1 week

We analyse current processes and map out the existing digital landscape. We draft solutions to automate (parts of) your processes and sketch out potential interfaces for the users. Lastly we check the technical feasibility and validate the interface on real users.

Minimum Viable Product

Starts from €20k - 6 weeks

We design and develop the minimum viable product, ready to be used by its first users. We closely watch how users interact with it and set up a plan to move towards the V1.0 of your software application.

Version 1.0

Starts from €50k - 12 weeks

We take all of our learnings, design the product's v1.0, and develop the application at a rapid pace in sprints of 2 weeks. Our continuous deployment setup ensure we ship fast and often. All of our work, from design to engineering, is documented and accessible.

Eric Kickert, CEO Peecho

“Eli5 are design thinkers. Their approach forced us to distill our core, which they then translated into a super slick digital product.”

Roderick Adang, CEO Influencer DNA

“Eli5 is one of those few product companies that thinks and operates like a startup. They keep things simple and build high quality products fast.”

Robert Jan van Vliet, Partner at Sia Partners

“Eli5 has proven to be a reliable partner; dedicated and passionate about delivering quality solutions in time while keeping a flexible attitude.”

Bart Zirschky, Founder Annual Insight

“Eli5 is a true partner in both automating processes within our company and creating a slick user experience for our customers.”

Hidde Hovenkamp, Founder Pacmed

“Eli5 delivers great user interfaces within no-time. They prototyped our interface, validated it on real users, and turned it into a working product within a matter of weeks.”

What devices and operating systems do you build for?


We build user interfaces for all kinds of devices. Phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, watches, cars, or voice. And for web, iOS, Android, MacOS, or Windows.

What kind of development methods does Eli5 use?


That depends a bit on the type of project and organisation we work for. We can use any modern software development method. One rule, we keep things small and manageable and avoid projects becoming too large. It's important to move fast and ship often. Our DevOps system enables a continuous deployment, while our engineers and designers work in sprints of 2 or 3 weeks.

What technology stacks does Eli5 use?


That depends on the type of product we are building and your organisation. We have extensive experience with most modern frameworks for client- and server-side technology. One of the things we find important with picking the right tech for your product is that you will be able to find developers who can work with the codebase of your product. Ensuring you are not dependant on Eli5 forever.

Can Eli5 take over existing codebases?


In most cases, yes. However, there are rare cases of very poor quality code. When this happens, we unfortunately have to advise that it's probably for the best to rebuild (parts of) it. We always make sure that you understand why this is the case and how we can solve it for you.

Does Eli5 offer Service Level Agreements?


Yes. Depending on your needs and the type of product we are building, we create a tailored SLA.

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Lauren Macpherson, CCO

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