Revolutionising compliance for banks with Sparq, the world’s first end-to-end compliance solution built for a global bank by Eli5.

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Prototype, MVP, V1.0 + continuously deploying updates

Adjustable to suit every organisation with just about any workflow

Sparq is a revolutionary RegTech solution built for a global bank to help the bank comply faster with regulatory pressure. We set out to create the first end-to-end compliance solution in the world. We achieved this by building a validated MVP in just ten weeks before making it to a complete solution to master the regulatory waves banks have to manage. The product’s real-time collaboration features and custom-made document library allowed the bank to streamline its processes and cut down the time span of compliance trajectories from 2 years to just six months. With transparent audit trails and the ability to fully customise the platform for any workflow, Sparq is a game-changer for the highly innovative Dutch bank.

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Revolutionising compliance with Sparq: Cutting down time to comply with regulatory pressure and increasing transparency of Dutch banks.

Built on top of Eli5’s powerful RegTech building

Sparq is built on top of our existing library of dynamic backend modules functioning as building blocks for our RegTech products. This approach allows us to quickly test new functionalities and create a foundation for future developments. Each module is configurable and can be adjusted to the specific use case of a product. By reusing knowledge from existing products and focusing on creating the best user experience in the market, we save our clients time and money while ensuring security and scalability.

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Users have the options to create a document from scratch or from one of the many templates.

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The ability to comment on a document makes giving feedback and suggestions more efficient.

Sparq revolutionised how a global bank handles compliance and set a new industry standard for streamlining the regulatory process. In collaboration with internal stakeholders, the Eli5 team delivered a game-changing solution that significantly impacted the bank’s business.

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Technology specifications

Customisable multi-tenacy

We built a multi-tenant admin environment using our building blocks in Vue,js that enables users to customise their organisations preferences, from branding and notifications to a tailor-made workflow

OpenAPI connection

The platform features a full OpenAPI connection that enables third parties to connect to the underlying data structures of the organisation, to have a single point of truth for all reporting and connection needs

Scalability and flexibility with Kubernetes

To provide highly available, scalable, flexible and automated environments we enabled the platform to be deployed and managed through Kubernetes

Multiple microservices

Using a best-in-class principle, we used specific programming languages to set up multiple microservices, enabling us to leverage each language's strength for the task. From Vue.js to Laravel to Python to Node.js, each building block has a specific service


Jelle Bot

Head of Design

"We know that navigating compliance can be a real headache for businesses. That’s why we set out to create a solution that makes it easy for our clients to understand and meet regulatory requirements effortlessly. Our design team’s user-centric approach streamlined the entire compliance process for a global bank through a powerful software solution packed with nifty features. Reducing time spent on compliance trajectories significantly while adding the transparency needed to deal with audits. "

Kishan Chamman


"Our software engineering team took a unique approach to building Sparq - besides using Eli5’s extensive library of RegTech building blocks, we used the best tools for the job. By breaking the platform down into specialised microservices, we were able to create a solution that is efficient and easy to scale and maintain. Our diverse tech stack, including languages such as Typescript, Vue.js, Python, and Kubernetes, allowed us to create a solution tailored to our client’s specific needs. With Sparq, regulatory compliance within the global bank has never been easier. "

We speak highly of ourselves, but so do our clients

“Eli5 has built a great software application for A-Insights and their backend team has helped automating processes that streamlined our internal operations. Their user-centered approach has created a visually stunning and intuitive product for our customers.”

Bart Zirschky
Founder A-Insights

“Eli5’s rapid prototyping and user validation approach allowed us to bring our innovative healthcare solution, Pacmed, to life in record time. Their ability to turn our vision into a fully functional product in just a matter of weeks was nothing short of impressive.”

Hidde Hovenkamp
Founder Pacmed

“Eli5’s design thinking approach helped us uncover the core of our business and turn it into a visually stunning, highly functional digital product that exceeded our expectations.”

Eric Kickert
CEO Peecho

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