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(Almost) Corporates

We help a.o. corporates, large family businesses, and private equity portfolio companies to innovate within the digital landscape.


Our skin in the game. This is what continuously pushes us to be ahead of the wave, giving us invaluable insights and making us as innovative as possible.

Focus points Focus points


Our value speaks through the product we deliver. Intuitive, user-centric, and simple solutions for the most complex problems.


We’re input/output focused. Every euro or dollar that our clients spend at Eli5, need be turned into direct business value.


Innovate or die. We’re pushing ourselves and our clients every day to be in the digital spearhead of the industry.

From red lights to viable end user solutions.

My co-founder Kishan and I (Wesley) were both working in a field of companies who knew more buzzwords than they knew about how to execute digital innovation. Knowing or not knowing, they were screwing over clients day after day and restraining the world of digital innovation.

In 2013, we decided that the only way to fix this dreary and decelerating problem, is to start doing it ourselves. And so Eli5 was born.

Both 24 at that time, we rented an office space in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, spent all of our money on computers and furniture, and started offering our own methods and building our own solutions.

We worked on smaller end-user solutions, often spending the day to do meetings and ideation sessions, and pulling all-nighters to design and develop the solutions.

Our biggest mission when we started Eli5 was to build viable end user solutions the lean startup way, while guiding our clients through this jungle of digital, teaching them about what we are doing for them and why we are doing this. To this day, this is still what gets me up with a smile every morning.

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