What can I use Eli5’s Lean Digital Services for?

Our focus is on building digital solutions that provide your company with direct business value. We build customer interfaces, automate business processes, improve your digital infra's connectivity, and perform customer development trajectories to find out what needs to be build.

When is the best time to approach Eli5 for my project?

It would be beneficial for the project to involve Eli5 at an early stage. Ideally before the research phase of your project. However, we can join the project after your research, or even after your own validation phase.

What kind of companies does Eli5 work with?

Eli5's Lean Digital services are focused on Corporates and "Almost" Corporates. We work directly for these clients or as subcontractor via Management Consulting Firms, Digital Transformation Companies, or Innovation Companies.

Is there anything Eli5 explicitly won’t do?

We're not a "You call, we haul" company. Pushing us to build things that we don't believe in or lack substantiation, won't work.

We don't build poor solutions because of a "MVP" approach. This term is not an excuse to build worthless things.

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How will Eli5 guarantee the quality of my product?

We have our internal QA team that ensures your product will be delivered according our standards. Next to that we use intelligent automated tests that enable us to make sure that all errors are detected.

If demanded we also arrange independent external audits.

Does Eli5 provide SLAs and packages for maintenance and support?

Yes we do. Our SLAs are tailored to your solution and can consists of 24/7 Standby and Support, Data Reports, and access to our Eli5 Slack Community.


Does Eli5 provide all their services in-house?

Yes, we do. Our team consists of Developers, Designers, QA Experts, Project Leads, and Innovation Experts. To guarantee a consistent capacity and increase flexibility, we also use external resources on a flexible base.

I’ve already have my own tech team. Can I still work with you?

We often work with our clients' in-house technology teams. We make sure that we set up a system that allows us to work on a efficient and close-knit base.

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