Eli5ers solve problems people care about.

We build digital products that boost productivity, transform industries, and free up time for its users. We do this through our hybrid product development approach, combining standardised software systems with custom end-user interfaces.

We’re not a dime a dozen web tech company - Eli5 is born out of these three core pillars. We deliver value to your business by creating value for your users and customers. User centered digital solutions, driven by design, built with the latest technologies.

Find us on the nexus of design, technology, and entrepreneurship.

We are design thinkers with a business mindset, who know how to build complex technology to create simple solutions. Our teams are small, close-knit, and professional. This means we experience a project from a business perspective, as well as a technical one, and can therefore move forward quickly on complex issues for change-oriented companies. Working with merit, ownership, and accountability means we have space to never stop asking why and the conviction to push for more.

Taking it further than service. Changing the way we build products.

Ever since the start of Eli5 we’ve seen that in order to grow and serve our clients in the best way possible, we need to think further than just our service - building digital products. To speed up the product development process, give clients more grip on their digital products, and increase stability and security, we have platformised significant parts of our business in the forms of Eli5 Modules and Eli5 Connectivity Hub, enabling us to rapidly build high quality digital products for our clients in less time.

A big passion for design, technology, and business.

Throw in a pinch of minimalism, straight forward talk, and a casual vibe, and you’ve got Eli5 in a nutshell.

Founders Story

From red lights to building viable end user solutions.

Our founders Wesley and Kishan were both working in a field of companies who knew more buzzwords than they knew about how to execute digital innovation. Knowing or not knowing, these companies were screwing over clients day after day and restraining the world of digital innovation.

In 2013, they decided that the only way to fix this dreary and decelerating problem, is to start doing it themselves. And so Eli5 was born.

Both 24 at that time, they rented an office space in the Red Light district of Amsterdam, spent all of their money on computers and furniture, and started offering modern innovative methods to build digital solutions.

In the early days they both spent the daytime to do meetings and ideation sessions, and pulling all-nighters to design and develop digital products and services. They were among the first software companies using the lean startup approach, while guiding their clients through this jungle of digital.

It’s our mission is to speed up the development time while improving the quality of digital products, all over the world. An ongoing mission, with many milestones ahead. To this day, this is still what gets us Eli5ers up with a smile every morning.

A big passion for design, technology, and business. Throw in a pinch of minimalism, straight forward talk, and a casual vibe, and you’ve got Eli5 in a nutshell.

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