Netflix, but then for gas and electricity.

Giving power back to the people


Via a hybrid mobile and web app, Volkskracht wanted to offer subscription access to their license for purchasing gas and electricity at cost directly from the energy market - making high-priced energy companies redundant.


Prior to designing and developing Volkskracht, together with the CEO, the Eli5 team validated its proposition in the market. In this case, a simple landing page and a small ad budget were sufficient. The numbers clearly showed that it needed to be built, so we headed into prototyping. Eli5’s design team, under Jelle Bot’s lead, quickly turned this idea into a validated prototype, ready to be designed and developed in full.


One of Volkskracht’s biggest features is that it enables consumers to buy their own energy for wholesale prices. Nevertheless, only a small percentage of the users were interested in this. Most people, understandably, prefer ease of use. Based on this we created packages that allow users to leave the buying of energy up to Volkskracht, and give them full control over their energy usage.


Volkskracht is the first online-only energy company. By automating almost everything the company has drastically reduced business costs like offices and staff. Giving power back to the people ;-)


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