Sally, internet’s friendliest way to close deals.

Closing more deals by reducing proposal time by 50%


The objective was to create a smooth experience around deal-making, from proposal to completion of work. We’ve created one central environment to create, view, discuss, and send proposals.


First, we validated the market-viability of a product like Sally. After some minor tweaks in the product definition, the product was prototyped and tested on potential users. Within 12 weeks the MVP was launched for Sally’s first users. Today, Sally is used all around the world to help companies make better proposals while spending less time on creating them. And, of course, close deals faster.


Most deals - especially for services - require multiple proposals. Sally now has version control, which enables users to quickly process any feedback or comments to then send an updated proposal to their client without losing existing versions of the proposal. Sally also has multimedia functionality, so users can embed photographs, videos, and other media files, within their proposal (rather than sending separate attachments).


Sally reduces the time spent on creating proposals by 50% and helps users to keep all communication regarding proposals in one central environment.


Sally User

“Before Sally, sending a proposal meant a mess of drafts, attachments, and client feedback in long email chains. Now, everything is in one place, and I can create proposals in no time and interact better with my clients.”


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