How one small company is changing the research industry.

Client Humantel, New York - USA
Project timeline Product development started in 2019 and is ongoing
Sector Research and Data


“Ongoing data and insights from your industry are giving you a better understanding of your customers and market. Put an intuitive and collaborative platform on top of that, and you’ve got Humantel.”

A data and insights platform that is designed to spark ideas.

Humantel conducts one of the biggest research trajectories in the world and provides their customers with continuous new data sets and insights based on findings within these data sets. The primary objective in all this? Enabling customers and their teams to understand what moves their customers. Eli5 designed and developed a platform around this concept. The result is an online engagement that stimulates collaboration and ideation within teams.

From a business idea to launching an online platform with Nike.

When we met Steve (Humantel’s CEO) and his team in January of 2019, Humantel was nothing more than an idea. All Steve and his team knew, was that they wanted to radically change how organisations get to understand their customers and target audiences. Having worked in old fashioned research for decades, they knew all the ins and outs of the status quo approach on this. Through design workshops, prototyping and testing, we’ve came to a digital product aligning Humantel’s goals with the needs of its customers and users.


A continuous stream of insights.

Humantel delivers their customers insights based on the findings in their global research trajectories.

Designed to spark ideas.

The Humantel product allows organisation to discuss insights together and share ideas.

Insights backed with datasets.

All articles and insights on Humantel are backed up with datasets which can be viewed directly in the article.

Self manageable environments.

Organisations can manage their own environments, allowing Humantel to focusing completely on research, data analysis, and the creation of insights.

Access multiple pillars.

Humantel is delivering data and insights over multiple pillars covering Sports, Welness, Travel, and Technology.

Jelle Bot

Lead Design, Eli5

“At Eli5 we’ve built several data platforms but Humantel has an unique angle on collaboration. The Humantel platform is designed for collaboration while keeping the data and insights the core pillar.”

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