Automating complex customer service processes.

Using machine learning and AI to automate manual work


The objective was to create a smooth experience around deal-making, from proposal to completion of work. We’ve created one central environment to create, view, discuss, and send proposals.


Build a software to translate all incoming files into one, single format. Then using machine learning, we designed an algorithm to then sort the customer service queries by department, type, and urgency. In some cases using automated responses, saving huge amounts of time for the employees, and serving customers much faster.


Working with documents in various formats is a big problem in large companies. The solution is standardisation, integration, and centralisation. Machine learning can be used to automate cumbersome manual tasks - which benefits both users and customers.

Robert Jan van Vliet

Partner, Sia Partners

"Eli5 has proven to be a reliable partner; dedicated and passionate about delivering quality solutions in time while keeping a flexible attitude when client situation asks for it.”


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