We’ve built the first end-to-end compliance solution in the world.

Client Client is classified, The Netherlands
Lead time Started in 2019 and on-going


“The solution cut down time span of compliance trajectories from 2 years to only 6 months.”

The objective was to radically improve the processing of regulations. Eli5 created a solution which puts the client in control again.

After prototyping several solutions and validating these on users, we’ve built a minimum viable product (MVP) in 10 weeks to start a pilot phase within the client’s organisation. The product was very well received. Tests pointed out that the solution was significantly improve the speed of processing regulations and creating policies, in some cases the solution cut down time span of compliance trajectories from 2 years to only 6 months. After collecting feedback on the MVP, we went back to the drawing table. This time it was for real. We had to create a version 1.0 of the solution which actually could be implemented within the organisation.

Regulatory pressure vs. technology.

Eli5 is built to discover new nexuses. Our approach is designed to radically improve those industries which need it the most. When we were first briefed about this assignment, we could not have been more excited. Next to building a solution with potentially massive impact around the world, we also had the pleasure to guide the client’s team through designing an end-user solution and turning it into a working solution.

Radically improved efficiency, full grip on the processing of regulations, and being in the know that your organisation complies to regulatory pressure and how.

Next to increasing the speed of processing regulations, the solution supports fully transparent audit trails. Large organisations often find difficulties with pinpointing why their policies cover certain parts of regulations. The solution we’ve built is giving full insight in how policies are created, what parts of regulations are being covered, and how the organisation went from input to output.


Real-time collaboration

Users are able to work together on all documents needed in the compliance trajectory.

Grip and overview

Users have an overview of all the steps needed to be taken to go from regulations to policy.

Document Library

A custom made document library where users can manage and keep track of their documents in the most user friendly way.

Jelle Bot

Lead Design, Eli5

“We could not have had a better match. The nexus between Eli5 and an industry that screams for innovation is a wonderful place to be as a designer. Complying to regulatory pressure has been an analogue, unclear, and cumbersome process until now. The design of this solution is all created around the user and getting them a fast and smooth as possible from regulation to policy.”

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