3 Optimise Your Office – Improve Worker Productivity

We touched on temperature control earlier. Applications like Comfy takes this to the next level by introducing occupant engagement to create the optimum workspace climate. They claim that in a test, 60% of office staff reported that they had been more productive thanks to the app.

Comfy merely asks if users want to be warmer or cooler. But over time, the advanced AI will learn individual preferences, the side of the building the sun heats up and which rooms are becoming overheated by equipment. It will then automatically adjust the temperature depending on where you are in the office. Or it will create an intermediate temperature when you are with others.

The same sensors that test the air composition for fire services could also be used to monitor air quality in the working environment. Filtering out excessive moisture, pollutants, and allergens will ensure your people feel their best.

The last decade has focused on making companies environmentally friendly. The next ten years will be defined by designing workspaces that improve the well-being, satisfaction and performance of its users.